How to Sew Narrow Edging to a Hem

Learning how to sew narrow edging to a hem is a great way to give the garments you sew a little extra flair. You can also sew edging onto skirts, dresses and tops you already have, to give them a fresh new look. When working with lighter-weight fabrics, it's a good idea to keep your choice of trim light as well; a thick, heavy edging will not work well on a lighter fabric. Your local craft or fabric store will likely have a large selection of edgings and trims to choose from, or you can try searching online.

Hem Your Garment
The first step is to hem your garment. Depending on the type of garment and the type of fabric, you might choose to use a rolled hem. This is best for delicate fabrics. You can sew a rolled hem by hand, or you can use your sewing machine, with a rolled-hem foot attachment.

For fabrics that are a little bit sturdier, a blind hem will work well but a standard hem is not a good choice, as a line of obvious stitches will detract from a delicate, narrow edging. You want the focus of your hem to be the trim, not the hem stitching.

Attaching Your Edging
Begin by cutting a length of the edging that is as long as your hem, plus a few inches. It is important to cut a little extra, as you do not want to get all the way around your hem and find that you're a little short! You can always trim off any extra later.

Align your edging with the edge of your hem, pinning it in place carefully. Next, thread a small needle with fine thread in a color to match your fabric and edging. Begin stitching your edging in place, using small, neat stitches. Continue all around your hem.

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