How To Soften Jeans

When you learn how to soften jeans, you'll never have to worry about your jeans being stiff again. One of the downsides to buying new jeans, unless they are expensive, is that they tend to be stiff and uncomfortable until you've worn them several times. If you want to get the feel of worn-in jeans without spending a whole lot of money, you can follow these simple steps.

Wash The Jeans
The first step to getting softer jeans is to wash them. Start by removing any tags that are on your new jeans. Look out for stickers that are often placed on the legs of jeans to indicate the size. Set your washer on the basic setting. Add some fabric softener into your wash, as well as some detergent. Wash the jeans on cold.

Add Some Resistance In The Dryer
After you've washed the jeans, you should move them to the dryer. Add some clean sneakers into the washer along with the jeans. You'll get the best results if the shoes are clean and all white. While the dryer is running, the shoes will beat against the denim and release some of the starch that is in the jeans.

Roll After Drying
After the jeans are dry, take them out while they are still warm, and roll them around. Tie the legs in a knot, and pull tightly. Roll them up as tight as you can possibly get them, making sure to stretch and pull them as you go. This will loosen the fabric and help them stretch more. Place the ball of jeans in a pillowcase, and then wind the pillowcase down even further. Leave the jeans like that for an hour or so.

Distress The Jeans From The Inside Out
Once you unroll the jeans from the tight ball you created inside of the pillow case, turn them inside out, and lay them flat on a table or the floor. Take a pair of scissors or a flat, sharp knife, and scrape the fabric along the knee and the thigh area of the pants. You should move the scissors horizontally along the fabric. This way, the edge of the blade will remove some of the fabric fuzz but it won't entirely cut through the surface of the denim. This will give your jeans the comfy "broken in" feel when you sit down in them.

Softening jeans isn't just a matter of fashion; even men's jeans could benefit, and the guy in your life will be much more comfortable with a better-fitting pair. No matter what type of jeans you have, you can make them softer with this technique.

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