Tips On Clothing Alterations

Tips on clothing alterations and your sewing machine are all that you need to make your clothes fit perfectly. With a few basic alteration skills, you can make ordinary outfits look like expensive couture. Even if you're not ready to target bigger projects like a custom-made suit, these tips will help you hem pants, hem dresses and create clothes that really fit your body.

Tip #1: Be sure to plan your project before you start.
If you're not an experienced sewer or you're tackling a new project for the first time, be sure to read up on it before you start. Thanks to the Web, many different online resources will show you step-by-step instructions for many different alteration projects. Look for sites that offer photographed steps so you can see exactly what you're going to be doing.

Tip #2: Figure out what type of material you're working with.
Alteration suggestions for cotton pants and going to be different from those for polyester blend pants. Since each of these fabrics respond differently to tension, they require slightly different methods. Look at the tag to see what type of fabric you're working with and, if there is no tag, make your best guess by feeling fabrics of other clothes in your wardrobe.

Tip #3: Practice basic skills on old clothes.
Most of your alterations will consist of hemming and taking in or letting out seams. You can practice these skills over and over again on old clothes that you no longer wish to wear. If you practice on old clothes, you'll be better skilled at the process when you want to fix your most valuable pieces.

Tip #4: Once you've mastered the basics, move on to other projects.
If you are getting great at hemming or replacing buttons, you may want to try a more challenging project. With the right skills, you can update the look of a favorite jacket or totally transform a thrift store buy. The possibilities are endless when you know how to alter clothes properly, so be sure to stretch your skills by trying something new when you can.

Since everyone's body has a different shape, it makes sense that store-bought clothes need to be altered. With these simple skills, your clothes will always look like they were made only for you.

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