How to Make a Fun, Crazy Quilt

Creating a crazy quilt was a fun Victorian pastime. Bits and pieces of different size fabric were pieced together randomly and held together with decorative stitches to a foundation fabric. There is no actual quilting or batting included in crazy quilting. There are no exact pieces or measurements involved. In other words, there is no wrong way or right way to crazy quilt! There is no stress when the pieces of fabric don't actually line up. Each project is unique to its creator.

If you have saved ribbon or small pieces of lace too pretty to throw away, now is the time to rummage through your sewing materials and get them out. You can incorporate anything you like into your crazy quilt project: buttons, a salvaged piece of embroidery, charms--anything that makes the project special to you.

Doing a crazy quilt project will allow you the chance to brush up on embroidery skills that you may not have used in a while or to learn new stitches. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by big, beautiful books with big, beautiful projects. Instead, focus on one of the smaller details and concentrate on creating it. Maybe one day you will work your way up to the full-sized project. Above all else, quilting should be fun.

Crazy quilt project ideas

  • Pillow
  • Coin purse
  • Gift bags
  • Evening bag
  • Tea cozy
  • Tote bag
  • Jewelry roll
  • Placemats
  • Lap blanket
  • Pot holder
  • Baby bib
  • Window valance
  • Book cover
  • Neck tie
  • Book mark
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