How to Make a Yo-Yo Quilt

Want to know how to make a yo-yo quilt? These quilts are not only fun to make, they are pleasing to the eye.

How to Make a Yo-Yo Quilt

First, you have to know how to make yo-yos. The nice thing about making yo-yos is that you can make them a few at a time as your time allows. When you have enough yo-yos, you can start your actual quilt.

In order to make yo-yos, you will need a circular template, keeping in mind that your finished yo-yos will be half the size of the template. So, if your template has a four inch diameter, your yo-yo will be two inches. You cut a circle from a corrugated box, from a plastic CD holder or from a can. The material that you use for your template really isn't that important.

After you have your template, trace the template on the wrong side of your fabric or fabric scraps. Then, cut out your yo-yo circles using your scissors. Follow this by creating a quarter-inch hem by folding the right side over the wrong side of your fabric circle and then ironing the hem in place.

Thread your needle using quilting thread. Tie a double knot at the end. To start yo-yoing your yo-yo, pull the thread up from underneath the hem to the top so that the knot is hidden. Then, begin a running stitch near the fold. Continue to stitch until you reach where you started.

Pull the thread so that your yo-yo puckers inward until you have a small hole in the center of the yo-yo. Smooth the yo yo out so that the hole is centered and then stitch the yo-yo in place. Then tie and snip off any excess thread. The right side of the yo-yo is the side with the hole in the center.

When you have tons and tons and tons of yo-yos, you can put together your quilt. If you want a traditional yo-yo quilt, you simply whipstitch the yo-yos together. There is not any backing on this type of quilt.

However, that doesn't mean that you can't sew the yo yos onto a piece of fabric and incorporate the yo-yo square into another quilt style. In addition, you might look at using yo-yos as appliqués on a quilt.

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