How to Make T-Shirt Quilts

If you tend to save your shirts, maybe it's time to create t-shirt quilts with your memories. With today's relaxed lifestyle, who doesn't have a drawer full of t-shirts? Some even collect or save t-shirts with special themes or representing certain occasions. Festivals are big here in Louisiana, and every festival has its own t-shirt, so we are bound to have a few shirts from the sugar cane festival or the jazz festival, to name a few. Or maybe your child or grandchild played sports and there's a drawer full of sports jerseys somewhere. Eventually we grow out of these t-shirts but hate to part with them for sentimental reasons. Why not save the memory and create soft and cuddly t-shirt quilts?


  • T-shirts (the number depends on the size of the quilt)
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Cotton fabric for the sash strips (optional) and backing
  • Batting (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Cotton sewing thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Template

Wash and dry the t-shirts to be used in the quilt. Do not use fabric softener as the interfacing will not adhere. Remove the sleeves and undo the side seams (if any).

Make a template the size you want to cut your t-shirt panels. Use clear plastic or a thin cardboard. Place the template over the t-shirt logo/ design you want to use. Cut out your t-shirt quilt block adding ½ inch all around for the seam allowance.

Cut a piece of fusible interfacing the same size. Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the t-shirt panel following the manufacturer's instructions. Repeat for all t-shirts to be used.

Decide on design placement of your t-shirt panels. Add 2" sashings of 100% cotton fabric between the blocks. Add a border and anchor the corners with 2" square blocks, or sew the t-shirt blocks directly together without any sashings. Cut batting and backing to fit your finished quilt top. The quilt can be assembled without batting if you like. Tie or machine-quilt the quilt sandwich together. There you have it.

T-shirt quilt themes

  • Sports activities
  • Favorite sports team(s)
  • Festivals
  • School t-shirts
  • Concerts
  • Favorite cartoon characters
  • Vacation trips
  • Hobbies

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