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You have probably encountered discussions over the differences between machine quilting versus hand quilting if you are a quilter. There are several advantages and disadvantages to quilting machines.

Advantages of Quilting Sewing Machines
There are definite advantages to using machine quilting over hand quilting. First, machine quilting is quicker than hand quilting at any stage in the process. Quilter machines are also much easier on your hands and fingers than hand sewing.

Many people like the sense of control that quilter machines give to them. They know that after practice, stitches made using a quilting machine will not only be consistent, but they will be identical. In addition, the stitches will be strong. Sewing machines are also easy to adjust for different fabric thicknesses and can place a needle through fabrics and battings with ease.

Disadvantages of Quilting Machines
One of the main disadvantages of quilt machines is that when you are finished with your quilt, you will not have had the physical contact with it that you would have if you hand quilted it. You will not have the same feel of the fabric as you work with it and slowly move it through your hands. Because of this, quilting machines can be less relaxing and therapeutic than hand quilting.

Quilting machines also remove some of the social aspects of quilting since quilt machines are generally not portable and only one person can use a machine at a time. Even if others are working on the quilt by hand while you are using a machine, there will be less of a sense of community in the project than if you were all working together.

Many people dislike quilt machines simply because they are not traditional and produce more noise than one's hands.
There will always be those who refuse to use quilting machines regardless of the machines' advantages. There will always be those who will prefer using machines over their hands. Then there will be those who choose to use both machine quilting and hand quilting on their projects. It is a personal decision that only the quilter can make.

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