Quilt Frame Instructions

Interested in quilting? These easy-to-follow quilt frame instructions will make your quilting life even more enjoyable.

Quilt Frame Instructions: PVC Pipe

First, you have to decide how large you would like your quilt frame to be. After you decide on your dimensions, go to your local home center and have a helper there cut pvc pipe to the size that you need. In addition to the pipe, purchase the appropriate elbow joints so that you can form your square or rectangle frame.

You now have two choices. You can glue the pipes in place using liquid cement so that you have a permanent frame or you can assemble the frame and then take it apart when you no longer need it. An unglued frame will be easier to store than a frame that is permanent.

You may have to place the frame on sawhorses or chairs of the same height to work on your quilt, depending on how large the frame is.

At this point, your quilt should already be basted together and marked. After you have assembled your frame, carefully lay your quilt over the pipes, making sure that there are no wrinkles or puckers on top or underneath. Then, clamp tightly in place and go to work!

Quilt Frame Instructions: Wood

Like a PVC pipe quilt frame, have your dimensions in mind when you go to buy your lumber. Have two pieces of wood cut that are longer than the width of your quilt, either in two by fours, or if in a hardwood like oak, in two by twos. You will also need two additional pieces of wood of the same size, somewhere between 24 to 26 inches long, for the sides of the frame. Buy four C-clamps to hold the frame together.

Take the first two pieces of board and cover them with a strong material, either sewing or stapling the fabric in place. You don't necessarily have to go buy new fabric. Look for a piece of sturdy clothing that too old or too out of fashion to wear, cut it to size and use it instead. You will be fastening your quilt to this cloth with safety pins to keep the quilt stable.

Expect a wood frame to be much heavier than a frame made from PVC pipe.

Regardless, quilt, quilt, quilt!

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