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Any adult who lives on even a mild budget should have some basic sewing skills and own some basic sewing supplies. A tiny rip in a hem, or loose button, should never result in a discarded garment. Review some basic sewing tips if you forget how to sew on a button because minor issues are easy to fix, as long as you simply own a needle and some thread.

To make a simple sewing and/or mending kit, start with a lidded container to hold everything in. You need a basic set of sewing needles with one or two, each, of small, medium and large needles. If you plan on doing anything complicated, such as sewing leather, remember that there are special needles made specifically for leather and such.

Throw a pair of sharp scissors and a measuring tape into your sewing kit. Add some black and white spools of thread, and think about purchasing a couple of other assorted colors. Examine your wardrobe to determine what colors are used the most and buy thread that matches.

You need lots of pins, and a few safety pins, to help with almost any sewing project besides basic mending. The best sewing kits contain either a pincushion or magnetic pin dish to hold all your pins. This not only prevents a mess, it rescues your fingers from those sharp pointed ends.

It never hurts to include a seam ripper, a thimble and some tracing paper in your sewing kit. Include some tailor's chalk and/or marking pens made specifically for clothes, so the marks can be washed out when the garment is finished. You're now ready for any little sewing emergencies.

Sewing machines are wonderfully handy items, assuming you actually know how to use them. Regular needles are not meant for sewing machines, so be sure to buy a supply of needles made specifically for the brand of sewing machine you'll be using.

You can use thread from your basic sewing kit or buy a whole new supply specifically for your sewing machine. Just make sure you have plenty of whatever thread you plan on using. You'll need the extra to thread the smaller spool, called a bobbin, which goes in the arm of the machine.

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The key to sewing for beginners is not to take on too much too soon. Enlist the help of a friend who sews before investing in materials or a sewing machine and choose a basic project geared toward beginners. Sewing skills can take time to perfect, so don't give up after only one try.

Doing some simple Christmas sewing projects can save you money and add spice to your home during the holiday season.

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Whether you're just getting started in garment construction, or you've been doing it a long time, there are certain things you can do to make it go a little smoother.

Knowing a few simple sewing tips can do wonders for your wardrobe, not to mention your bank account.

The first thing any comedian does, on getting an unscheduled laugh, is to verify the state of his buttons.

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