How to Sew a Flag

Do you know how to sew a flag? Sewing your own flag or banner will not only save you money, sewing your own flag will enable you to be as creative as you choose to be.

How to Sew a Flag

What kind of flag are you planning on sewing? You can find free patterns online for American flags and several types of garden flags. In addition, you can create your own flag from scratch for any occasion or just for the fun of it.

Make sure that you have your pattern ready before you go off to buy fabric. Don't forget to include seam tolerances when you calculate your sizes for different colors. In addition, be creative. Even if you are using a pattern, consider the pattern a guide, not the definitive design.

Are you planning to sew an indoor flag to hang on the wall or one that needs to withstand outdoor weather? If you are planning on hanging your flag indoors, look at cotton-blends to use for fabric. Choose from nylon, canvas or polyester fabrics for an outdoor flag. Your outdoor flag will last longer if the fabric has UV protection and is also mildew and fungus resistant.

Don't forget to buy the right type of thread for your flag when you are buying your fabric. Try a polyester embroidery thread for outdoor flags in the color or colors of your choice.

In order to finish your flag, hem all four sides. Then, measure the circumference of the pole that you will be using. Add some "wiggle" room so that it will be easier to put the flag onto the pole. Choose the "hanging" side of the flag and create the appropriate sized roll of fabric, with the hem inside, and sew. If you want a stronger finish, create your pocket with the hem on the outside and sew the final line through the hem.

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