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A box joint is a good alternative to a dovetail joint, since the box joint creates a very strong joint without the complicated cuts required by a dovetail joint.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Using a biscuit joiner makes easy work out of creating a strong joint between wood pieces. The biscuit joiner is a special saw that cuts crescent-shaped slots in each piece of wood to be joined. These holes are filled by an oval-shaped piece of wood called a biscuit.
Wood joints can be an art or a chore, depending on who is behind the saw.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Wood dowels are among the rudiments of woodworking and can be used to join wood or strengthen joints.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Well-made dovetails joints are the sign of a true woodworking craftsman. Long honored for their strength and beauty, dovetail joints are common in cabinetry and furniture making. These tight joints are used to make the sides of drawers and decorative boxes.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Using a pocket hole jig can create pocket holes in a snap. It makes advanced joinery easy.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
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