Woodworking with Mahogany Lumber

Mahogany lumber is a popular choice among woodworkers who want to work with hardwood projects. Mahogany has a unique appearance that imbues it with great character, and it's one of the easier hardwoods to work.

Typical Mahogany Hardwood Characteristics
Mahogany lumber comes in several shades of deep red, and it tends to darken over time. One of the great things about mahogany, and the thing that makes it a popular choice for woodworkers who want to build in hardwood, is its ease of working. Mahogany stains well, and is a great choice for a wood-finished project. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, mahogany is becoming extinct, so it's important to use wood from sustainable mahogany sources.

Mahogany isn't particularly hard, comparatively speaking, but it tends to be free of deformities and blemishes and is suitable even for heavy furniture projects. One thing to keep in mind when working mahogany is that it is a very dense wood, so it tends to dull tools. If you're working with mahogany, keep your blades and drills well-maintained to avoid damaging yourself, the tools or the wood.

Building Boats and Beyond
It may sound surprising, but one of the more popular mahogany projects is boat-building. Because of its ease of working and its strong, solid composition, mahogany lumber makes great boats. Mahogany resists wood rot well, and the density and lack of air pockets make it a solid choice for boat-building. Not planning to build a boat? Mahogany is good for plenty of other projects.

Many people use mahogany as flooring. Some types of mahogany are almost twice as hard as red oak, and make great surfaces for hardwood floors. Not all mahogany makes good floors. Check with the lumber distributor for information on the hardness of the type of mahogany you're considering, and whether or not it boasts the durability to stand up as flooring.

Mahogany has also traditionally been a choice for fine furniture building. In recent years, mahogany plywood has made this material a more economical choice, so more people are using it to build all types of furniture. In addition to beautiful indoor furniture, mahogany also lends itself well to outdoor furniture, although it should be treated regularly to prevent parasites or fungus.

Mahogany also lends itself well to decorative projects and other types of building. Mahogany makes great pianos, guitars or other musical instruments. Other popular mahogany projects include cabinets, trim or molding. 

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