Simple paintings on new or old wooden boards

You don't have to be an artist to paint. All you have to do is want to have some fun and enjoy doing something that you may never have thought of doing. Try it, you'll like it!. All you have to do is purchase a few inexpensive artist's paint brushes of various sizes and shapes. They come in kits. Pick out some of your favorite colors of acrylic art paints. Costs less than a buck per bottle.Pick up a couple of pine boards or other species if you choose at your local lumber yard. Make them six to twelve inches long. Ten to eighteen inches high. Make sure you have some paper towels, small container of clean water and a good place to relax that you don't mind splashing a bit of paint on.

Now that wasn't too difficult, was it? Now the fun starts. If you have a digital camera you can just take pictures of anything you like. Try painting it. Or you can look on the web for images of your liking. Perhaps lighthouses or old barns or churches. Those are easy subjects. You might even want to paint Tweety Bird or some other cartoon character.

Lets get started painting. Leave the board natural and don't worry about knots. They add character. Print off a copy of what you want to paint and set it beside you and just start as you think you should. The fun part is figuring out how to do it. Each time you paint something it will improve all by it self. You will establish your own technique. Don't worry about precision. You're not painting the Sistine Chapel. You are painting for fun. When you have finished your painting put a couple of coats of urethane over it and it will preserve it and also it helps to highlight the colors.  Before you know it you will be blending beautiful colors and putting them exactly where you want them to go. You will sit back after a few hours and just marvel at what you have done. Each day will be better than the last. Before long your children and grandchildren will be asking for some of your work. Maybe even neighbors or you just might want to sign up for a local craft fair or donate your painting to a fundraiser.

Have a ton of fun with your new project.

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