Using Recycled Wood for Projects


 Why use scrap wood when I can just buy new?

Think about this every year thousands of trees are cut down to make lumber for pallets,and for people to use to make crafts,why not combine these two and save yourself some money, and the world some trees. With a couple of phone calls to company's in your area, you will find places that will gladly let you take all the used pallets you want. It not only gets rid of their waste, but saves them money by not having to pay to have it hauled away. With a little work in tearing apart pallets and shipping crates, you can get a lot of wood that would have ended up in a landfill somewhere.

With the price of everything raising, getting something for very little is always nice, but all that you get makes it seem even better, from one by three's, and one by four's to two by four's and two by six's, the different sizes of wood will very and can be sure to find just what you need for any type project you are planning. With a little bit of work  and some wood putty, that you can get at any hardware store, or superstore, you will soon be on your way to making all the craft projects you want, at  a greatly reduced price.

With a little ingenuity you can even save money in other areas as well. You can reuse some of the nails you pull.or you can take the saw dust you get from cutting and sanding the wood to make your own putty to plug all the holes,from the nails. Take some wood glue, something you can find everywhere, and mix it with the saw dust,then just pack it in the holes, this works very well when staining or varnishing wood. cause you have real wood in the mix to hold what ever you apply to your project.


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