DIY Window Planter Box

Beautifying your home with window planter boxes can get expensive, but you can make them yourself using lumber for half the cost of a fancy store-bought planter. This beginning woodworking project requires only a few basic tools and some accurately cut lumber.

What You Need
For this project, you'll need 1- x 10-inch cedar wood boards, enough for the sides, short sides and bottom. You'll also need a saw, a square, a drill, ?"-inch galvanized steel screws, waterproof wood glue, sandpaper and anchors or "L" brackets for mounting the window boxes. Always wear safety goggles when working with wood.

Measure And Cut
First, measure the window where the box will rest. The length of the window box should be the same or an inch or two longer than the length of the window. The depth of the box should be able to accommodate plant roots, so around 8 inches deep is perfect. Cut the 1- x 10-inch cedar boards to the appropriate lengths for the 2 long sides, 2 short sides and a bottom. For example, if the window is 20 inches long, you will need 2 20-inch boards for the long sides, 2 8- x 8-inch pieces for the short sides and a 20- x 10-inch piece for the bottom (it should be 2 inches wider to accommodate the sides). There will be 5 pieces total.

Drill holes for the screws in the 4 corners of the bottom, back and front boards. Drill 4 holes along the center line of the bottom board for water drainage. Glue the window box pieces together using wood glue. Start by gluing the short sides to the back piece and letting it set up. Then, add the front piece, and let that set up. Finally, attach the sides to the bottom piece. Let the whole window box dry for at least 3 hours. Use the screws to secure the window box together. The pre-drilled holes should make this an easy task.

Decorate And Hang
Apply a wood stain to the outside of the cedar wooden planter boxes; choose a color that will complement the exterior of the home. Attach the window box using the appropriate-sized brackets or anchors. Screw one side of each "L" bracket to the siding. Attach the box to the brackets by coming up from underneath and securing it tightly. Boxes longer than 45 inches should use three "L" brackets. Now your wooden planter boxes are ready to frame windows large and small.

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