16th Birthday Party Games

Try some of these 16th birthday party games to make that 16th birthday party special, fun and memorable. 

Murder mystery
Available in a box which contains everything you need to stage and solve a murder mystery, these are great for a fun time. Everyone is involved, playing the character they are assigned, and interacting trying to find clues and sabotage each others' efforts. You can make a theme of it if you want, and decorate accordingly, provide costumes, and make the party food part of the game. There are some great and funny themes to these games, so you can be creative in choosing one that fits your teen's crowd.

Popular games
Grab some of the best teen-appreciated games and let them set up tables and play. Games that include ten or more players are best. Consider the interests of your 16 year old and his or her friends when making selections, or let the friends bring their favorites along. Never fail choices are: Apples to Apples, Scene It, A Question of Scruples, Settlers of Catan, Cranium, Balderdash, and Party Pooper.

Homemade games
Some oldies but goodies that are great for a group include: Pictionary (try a variation in which the teams write their own terms that the other team has to draw and guess - teens get into this), Charades, and Name That Tune (have the guests use their own music that they brought for the party on their iPods).

The Group Game
One person is the caller. The caller calls out a number that's at least half of the number of people at the party. The players have to assemble in a group linking arms. Once the correct number of people is in that group, the group is "closed" and the rest are "out." If more than one group has been forming, the group that forms the correct number of people first wins the round and the rest of the players are out. Then the caller calls out a smaller number and the players still in have to form a group with that number of players. The game continues until the number three is called. Then all three players win a prize.

Have music playing, plenty of munchies and a great cake to celebrate the milestone birthday.

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Teenage birthday party ideas start with consulting the teen herself. Start by setting guidelines, and then find a theme. 

Start planning by setting a budget and thinking of sweet sixteen party ideas, but remember that hanging out with friends and having fun should be the top goals of the party.

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