Sweet 16 Cakes

Sweet 16 cakes are often the centerpiece of the party, and should also reflect this milestone moment. Here are some ideas for birthday cakes that should satisfy just about every type of teen:

Car Cake. Since most teens will be getting permission from parents and the state to start driving, presenting a car cake is a perfect way to honor the event. Whether you choose a cake that you make yourself or have a bakery do one with car toppings, the teen will be ecstatic with the nod to newfound freedom.

Princess Cake. While the princesses of fairy tales may be far behind her, your 16-year-old princess can still appreciate lovely and feminine cakes. Choose pretty pastel colors, and decorate the multi-layered cake with frosting flowers and "beading." Just resist the temptation to put her favorite princess cartoon characters on there so it doesn't look like you think she's still a kid.

Sophisticated. Choose a dark chocolate concoction for a modern teen with a more cosmopolitan style. Garnish the sleek surface with white chocolate shavings or even white chocolate covered strawberries. Edible glitter can also jazz up a Sweet 16 cake.

The Number 16. Broadcast the age in edible style with a cake that is either cut out to be the number "16," or ask a bakery to use a cake topper with the number "16." You can get the number in frosting, sugared or plastic form from most bakeries, and they can incorporate it into just about any design.

Photo Cake. Bakery technology allows you to submit a photo to be recreated in sugar atop a cake. For a Sweet 16 party, consider using a baby picture of the birthday girl and putting it on a cake. If she would rather not have a baby photo on her cake, choose a picture of a place she likes or a picture of the whole family.

Cupcake Tree. Cupcakes are the perfect blend between young fun cakes and more grown-up tastes. Consider purchasing a wire cupcake tree to display the carefully decorated cupcakes. Cupcake toppings can vary widely, from candies to frosting flowers, edible flowers and even fruit. The tree allows you to display the cupcakes in a fun way and makes it easy for guests to access them.

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No matter what your budget, you can create exciting and fun sweet sixteen party ideas that will have your daughter thanking you.

Teenage birthday party ideas start with consulting the teen herself. Start by setting guidelines, and then find a theme. 

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Start planning by setting a budget and thinking of sweet sixteen party ideas, but remember that hanging out with friends and having fun should be the top goals of the party.

My daughter recently started planning her Sweet 16 birthday party. She is 11 years old. (Thank You MTV My Super Sweet Sixteen Celebration and curse her dad for letting her watch it!)

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