Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

No matter what your budget, you can create exciting and fun sweet sixteen party ideas that will have your daughter thanking you.

Hawaiian Luau
If your daughter's birthday is in the summer, you can throw a tropical Hawaiian Luau party. If you have a pool, this is the perfect setting to host this party. You can also arrange to have this party at a local country club. Set the mood with tropical decorations like paper palm trees, pineapples and parrots. Put beach balls and other fun pool accessories in the pool. Place tiki poles around the lawn to light up when the sun starts to set. You can set the mood with Hawaiian guitar music playing on the speakers. Serve fruit salad, teriyaki kebobs, tropical fruit punch and other themed food. You can create a special chair for the guest of honor with large palm branches available at any party supply store.

Spa Party Sleepover
This party is for your daughter's best girlfriends only. Have her friends bring over their sleeping bags for a night of beauty and fun. Organize a series of different beauty treatments, like facials using household items, effervescent foot baths, hand treatments and body lotions. Rent some chick flicks and supply popcorn and other finger foods for the guests. You can send each guest home with a pair of fuzzy slippers.

Masquerade Ball
This type of party will require renting out a large hall or banquet room. Formal dress, small appetizers and a DJ with a dance floor will make this party complete. Send 16th birthday party invitations in the shape of masks and encourage everyone to come in disguise. The girls should be in ball gowns and the boys should be wearing suits. Decorate the hall in festive, masquerade type colors, like dark purple and gold, turquoise with silver or black, red and gold. Light snacks and drinks are followed by dancing and then at a certain time of night, everyone removes their masks for the big reveal.

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Sweet sixteen cakes are often the centerpiece of the party, and should also reflect this milestone moment. Here are some ideas for birthday cakes that should satisfy just about every type of teen:

Teenage birthday party ideas start with consulting the teen herself. Start by setting guidelines, and then find a theme. 

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Start planning by setting a budget and thinking of sweet sixteen party ideas, but remember that hanging out with friends and having fun should be the top goals of the party.

My daughter recently started planning her Sweet 16 birthday party. She is 11 years old. (Thank You MTV My Super Sweet Sixteen Celebration and curse her dad for letting her watch it!)

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