Tween and Teen Party Games

The best tween and teen party games include structured games that make everyone laugh. Young teens, or tweens, who are between ages 11 and 14, love to have and be at parties. However, they require supervision to help them stay out of trouble. 


Spoon Relay: Divide the teens into two teams, and have each team stand in a single-file line. Give each team a spoon tied to a very long string. The object is to weave the spoon from the collar, inside the clothing, and out the bottom of the pants leg of each person sequentially. The team that gets their spoon through every team member's clothing first, and then pulls the string through wins.

Orange Relay: Divide the group into two teams, and line each team up single file. Give the first person from each team an orange. The orange must be passed under the chin from person to person successfully all the way to the end of the line. If it falls, it must go back to the first person. No hands allowed.

Cooperative Games

Dr. Tangle: Get everyone, except for one or two people, in a circle, holding hands. Then, people on one side of the circle walk toward the other side of the circle and go under or over the connected hands of the people on the other side. Continue until everyone is in a kind of human knot. The person or people who are not in the tangle have to direct the circle members how to move to detangle themselves until they are back in a circle without dropping hands.

Blanket Ball: Take a large sheet or blanket, and have the group all hold the edges so that it makes a kind of trampoline. Put a ball in the middle, and see how many times the group can throw up and catch the ball without it falling off the blanket.

Lap Sit: Get everyone in a circle, facing the same direction. They must be close together. The object is for everyone in the entire circle to sit down on the lap of the person behind him or her without the whole circle toppling. If done slowly and simultaneously, you can pull it off.

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