The Best 40th Birthday Gifts for Men

Finding the 40th birthday gifts for men simply takes a little analysis on how he's approaching this birthday. Of the milestone birthdays that men reach, 40 may be the most pivotal. It means closing the book on some of the more youthful dreams and pursuits, while celebrating the positive results of several decades of hard work and long-lasting relationships. 

Remind him of all he's achieved in the business world with a gift that reflects his status in the company. If he has an office where he greets clients, personalized business card case, desktop globe or paperweight or tasteful artwork are all appropriate 40th birthday gifts for men. He'll also appreciate a custom dress shirt, cufflinks or expensive grooming products for the high-powered businessman.

Let him know that a 40th birthday is a chance to start a new hobby or craft. If he's always wanted to write, give him some books on writing and how to submit queries to magazines and publishers. If he's wanted to take up more artistic hobbies such as woodworking, fishing, painting or sculpting, give him the tools and means to take lessons and expand his mind.

Let him know that he's come a long way in appreciating the finer things in life with more elite 40th birthday gifts for men. Present him with a membership in a wine and cheese club, a sushi lover's gift set, a leather bound set of classic literature selections, exclusive cologne or designer ties. Some time away on a cruise, golf vacation or hunting trip can also provide him with some much-deserved leisure time on his 40th birthday.

Give him the gift of travel, even if he doesn't leave the state. Present him with a subscription to an adventure travel magazine or take him to an ethnic festival nearby. Bring the world to his doorstep via 40th birthday presents with gourmet food items from around the world, such as Alaskan king crab, a Caribbean gift basket or assorted Indian spices and chutneys with an Indian cookbook.

Some adventure and adrenaline opportunities might be just right for the 40th birthday. Along with a dual time-zone watch, give him scuba lessons or rock climbing lessons as a 40th birthday present. Sign him up for a zip line, skydiving or white water rafting experience that he'll treasure long after his 40th birthday.

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A 40th birthday really should be a celebration, despite the wariness that the big 4-0 can bring. Some say 40 is the new 30 and that it's not too old to have fun. Have a themed party to celebrate the life of the person who's 40 years old. Many themes for 40th birthday parties can be a big hit the special honoree and guests alike. Here are a few ideas.

When planning a 40th birthday party, it is important to consider what the birthday person would want, how to honor this moment and how to make this party something fun and memorable. In general, although you are celebrating a birthday, you want the moment to be timeless.

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A person's 40th birthday is an important milestone and deserves special attention when it comes to the cake. By decorating a birthday cake at home, you can add personal touches and creative flair that a bakery professional may not provide.

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