40th Birthday Party Games

A 40th birthday is a milestone birthday, and a party to celebrate it should be festive and fun. Everyone should celebrate life together and honor the person having the birthday. Party games with a 40th birthday theme could be a way to bring the party to life and involve every guest in the celebration. Here are some examples of 40th birthday party games that the whole crowd would enjoy.

70s Karaoke. This is an easy and fun way to laugh at the funky tunes and memories of the music surrounding this generation as they grew up. Be sure the DJ or volunteer DJ has a good selection of TV themes and popular music of the decade.

70s Trivia game. Have on hand a lot of trivia questions related to this decade. These can be found in many board games, such as Trivial Pursuit 70s Edition, or in many places on the Internet. This can be played in teams taking turns as points are scored for right answers.

Have You Ever. This is a game which is created and played by the guests. At an early part of the party, give everyone five slips of paper. Instruct everyone to write down five things they've done, or that have happened to them - something funny, unique, commonplace, or happenstance. For example: falling in a mud puddle, losing one's car in the parking lot, gone hang gliding, eaten escargot, made homemade sushi, diapered twins, worn mismatched socks, gone skinny dipping, etc. Then, all slips of paper get put into a large bowl or container. Then the game is played. Everyone sits in a circle on chairs. One person stands in the center (there is one less chair than players). The person in the center picks a slip of paper and reads it to the group. Everyone who has had the experience that is read has to get up and switch seats. The person left standing reads the next one.

An alternative way to play Have You Ever is to give everyone a piece of paper to keep score. One person reads all the slips in the bowl, and everyone gives themselves a point for each item they have done or that has happened to them personally. The person with the highest score at the end wins.

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A 40th birthday really should be a celebration, despite the wariness that the big 4-0 can bring. Some say 40 is the new 30 and that it's not too old to have fun. Have a themed party to celebrate the life of the person who's 40 years old. Many themes for 40th birthday parties can be a big hit the special honoree and guests alike. Here are a few ideas.

When planning a 40th birthday party, it is important to consider what the birthday person would want, how to honor this moment and how to make this party something fun and memorable. In general, although you are celebrating a birthday, you want the moment to be timeless.

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