50th Birthday Cake Ideas For The Young At Heart

Many 50th birthday cake ideas are appropriate for those who are still young at heart. When throwing a 50th birthday celebration, people are tempted to go for a humorous "over the hill" theme. However, it is probably even more fun to focus on the present and the future. Life hardly ends at 50, so why not decorate the birthday cake in a youthful fashion?

Celebrating The Big Day
Birthday cake themes range from sentimental to humorous, but what you can do for the 50-year-old who is young at heart is to accentuate the positive? Some 50th birthday cake ideas with a positive theme include:

Gold Accents: The number 50 is often associated with the color gold, as is the case with wedding anniversaries. You can apply this same theme to the birthday cake, using gold frosting, ribbons and more. This can be both sophisticated and fun.

Sparklers: Make the cake light up like the Fourth of July by using sparkler candles. Various cake sparklers are available at party supply stores. With the addition of edible confetti, the birthday cake will be exciting and celebratory.

Using Youthful Characters
Just because a person is grown doesn't mean he is oblivious to popular culture. A 50th birthday cake can become lighthearted and fun instantly with the use of youthful characters. The following tips will help you narrow down your birthday cake themes:

Toys: The use of small action figures or dolls can be an easy way to decorate a youthful birthday cake at home. What was the birthday guy's favorite toy as a child? A slinky going down two or three stacked layers of cake would be fun, for instance.

Licensed Characters: Many cake decorating kits are available for various licensed characters. Online auction sites often feature vintage cake pans shaped as old-school superheroes, so that is another DIY option.

Focusing On Hobbies
Rather than featuring hobbies associated with mature adults, such as golf or bingo, go with something a little more adventurous. Hobbies that might lend themselves to a fun cake include:

Scuba Diving: With some blue frosting and some cheap, non-toxic fish tank decorations, you can easily create a birthday cake dedicated to scuba diving.

Music: Nothing says "young at heart" like a birthday cake shaped like a guitar. You have many options for incorporating the love of music into a cake, so keep that in mind for the 50-year-old music fan.

Birthday cake themes are as boundless as the imagination. Rather than settling on a store-bought cake with the usual motifs, try your hand at some personal touches. Remember, 50th birthday cakes don't have to suggest middle age. Instead, they can be fun and lively, implying a youthful outlook on the many birthdays to come.

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