60th Birthday Party Ideas

Splendid 60th birthday party ideas that will have your guest of honor smiling from ear to ear include travel, socializing with old friends and new and taking the time to watch the grandchildren as well as smell the roses.

Let the Person Be Your Guide
When it comes to 60th birthday party ideas, it is important that you know your the guest of honor and know what he or she will think is a good party. Will he want to stay at home, play cards and have cake and ice cream with his poker buddies? Or would he prefer taking his grandkids out back where he could teach them a little something about campfires and how to make the perfect hotdog? Would she want to travel to a warm sunny place and enjoy an afternoon of sipping margaritas with her daughters and best friends? Or would she be thrilled to have a tea party with a rose garden planted in her honor?

60th Birthday Ideas for Him

  • Card buddies, drinking buddies, bingo buddies: they'd probably all come if they got an invite. Set up tables in the living room with snacks on each table. Play musical chairs with the guest of honor so he has to move from table to table as the games are played throughout the evening. That way he gets to visit with all of his friends throughout the evening. To make this party as much fun for the guests and for the birthday boy, pass out prizes for game winners. It doesn't matter if the prizes are hokey or serious. Bake a cake in the shape of a deck of cards, a bottle of beer or a bingo card, and serve foods that the guys would love, such as BBQ wings, potato salad and baked beans.
  • Grandchildren love their grandpas and vice-versa. Let the kids treat grandpa to a campfire party. Have the children make up stories about the kind of kid they really believe their grandfather was when he was younger. Create a masterpiece cake that looks like a giant hotdog, complete with red and yellow frosting down the middle to represent mustard and ketchup. Chop up a cupful of glazed green cherries to represent relish.

60th Birthday Ideas for Her

  • Send your mother or best friend off in style on her 60th birthday, and tag along. Travel to a local beach, a resort or to the shore of a different country. Wherever it is, just make sure you travel with her. After she's had a bit of sun and margaritas, surprise her with a small,      simple cake with her name written across the top. One candle will do. Snack on cheese and crackers, chocolate bonbons and fresh fruit.
  • Tea parties are one of the most perfect 60th birthday party ideas for women. Hold the party in the garden, serve tea sandwiches for snacks and create a beautiful birthday cake as the dessert. For the finale, surprise her with roses. Not cut roses, but potted roses. While the women bask in the shade watching the children romp around the back yard, have the men in the group plant the roses according to the birthday girl's wishes.
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