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When someone reaches the milestone of a 70th birthday, it may be tough to think of 70th birthday party ideas. After all, the birthday guy or gal has seen everything. But a 70th birthday party offers many opportunities: to reconnect with other family and friends, to let your loved one know just how special he is and to remind him of the wonderful life he is living.

Include a Surprise
While the party's existence doesn't need to be a surprise (though it can be), try to include some small surprises throughout the day to make the party special. Guests who have kept their attendance a secret, grandchildren who have made something special for Grandma or Grandpa or a meal catered by a favorite restaurant are all ideas that can have a big impact.

If you do decide to go all out and keep the entire party a surprise, be sure to think about what the birthday girl or guy would like. Would the entire family surprising him at his favorite restaurant be ideal, or would he prefer a small dinner with just his children at their house? Whatever the size of the surprise, keep the recipient's personality in mind.

Celebrate the Memories
A 70th birthday party allows the birthday boy to reminisce. Viewing a DVD filled with photographs of the guest of honor's life, his children, grandchildren and his friends helps everyone share memories. Not only that, but the gift is also something that can be cherished and enjoyed by the recipient after the party is over.

Several companies specialize in creating photo DVDs of this caliber, especially if you need to scan a large quantity of images that are not already digital. If time, or your own technological ability, is of consideration, consider using a company such as PhotostoDVD, which specializes in creating DVD products for occasions such as birthdays from both print and digital photographs. The cost runs 50 to 80 cents a photograph, and you can order additional copies of the DVD.

If you have the know-how and the time, you also can create the photo DVD on your own using software such as Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder. The software costs around $40, and you can use it to create birthday and anniversary gifts again and again.

Don't Forget the Theme
Does the birthday girl love the beach? Invest in leis and tropical drinking straws. Is the birthday boy a golfer? They also stock personalized golf tees and golf-themed tableware. Finding a theme that the celebrant will love can help make the party more memorable for everyone.

Bring a bit of youth to the party with a fun theme that draws guests of all ages together. Is the party filled with grandchildren, most of whom are girls? Consider a princess tea party, and ask everyone to dress up. Did grandpa once play basketball? Set up a net out front for the kids and small games in the backyard for the older ones. Whatever you decide to do, a theme like this gives everyone something to enjoy.

Forget the Old-Age Jokes
There's a time and a place for jokes about getting older and being over the hill, and the time has passed after a 50th birthday celebration. Leave 70 and the coming years alone and help highlight the wonderful life the guest of honor has lived, without reminding him of how old he really is.

A 70th birthday party is a great opportunity to go all out and show the guest of honor just how much you care.

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