Creative 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Creative 40th birthday party ideas recognize a person's achievements and also give others a glimpse of the guest of honor's future goals, hopes and dreams. Despite what mugs and greeting cards may say, turning 40 doesn't mean a person is over the hill. A celebration of this milestone can be special if it's done with respect, honor and a zest for life. 

What Kind of Party Is Best?
Planning a 40th birthday party is simple if you try to match the personality and style of the guest of honor. If they are comfortable in large crowds and enjoy zany outings, you can make plans for a playful adventure. If the guest of honor would prefer being with a small group of intimates in a quiet setting, that is also a perfectly fine way to celebrate. Since you want to give the guest of honor a memorable time, try to decide what kind of party they would like, not what you would like.

Going All Out
If the guest of honor loves big events, you've got the green light to organize a true extravaganza.

  • Host a theme party at your home. Make it a party to remember, and don't leave out any details, from party decorations and theme food to costumes and music. Most party planning companies offer all sorts of accessories to fit just about any theme. Some of the more popular themes are a Hawaiian luau, Old West BBQ and casino night. Other themes reflect on trends from the person's lifetime, like Groovy -70s or Totally Rad -80s.
  • Reserve a banquet room at the guest of honor's favorite restaurant, and prepare a light-hearted roast. Put together slideshows of childhood pictures set to theme music, or show a collection of video clips from important milestones. Recruit a few close friends and relatives to share funny stories with the group about the guest of honor. For the finale, present the guest of honor with a special scrapbook that has circulated and been signed by everyone at the party.
  • Rent an activity facility for the evening, and invite friends and family to play. Some excellent venues include movie theaters, bowling alleys, fun parks with bumper cars and mini-golf, rock-climbing centers and swimming pools and water parks. These venues might work well if you expect several children to attend.
  • If the birthday falls during warm weather, take advantage of the great outdoors, and hold a barbecue or picnic. Decorate the backyard, and set up plenty of chairs for a family reunion-style party. For a change of scenery, reserve a pavilion at the city park, or head to a day campsite at a state park or beach and host a potluck party. The guest of honor will appreciate the casual atmosphere, and guests will love the options of games, hiking, water sports or just lounging.

A Party for a Small Group
A smaller group doesn't mean any less fun. Sometimes an intimate group of close friends and family members is just the thing. A smaller group of guests allows the party to be held in a greater variety of places and opens doors to events that simply can't accommodate a larger party.

  • Host the party in your home, and follow the same guidelines for a large theme party. Keep decorations, food and atmosphere in line with the chosen theme and pay attention to all the fun little details that a smaller group will appreciate. The dynamics of a smaller group works well for playing board games or even watching a movie. You could contact a company that hosts a murder mystery dinner party, where guests come in costumes and receive clues to unravel a mystery.
  • For a more casual gathering at home, try a wine-and-cheese party, potluck dessert party, backyard barbecue or poker night. Wonderful food and good company will make it a party they'll never forget.
  • Take the group to a fun event, such as a ballgame, campout, day at the spa or even a harbor cruise. Try something unique, such as an overnight ski trip or a weekend at a casino resort, to create lasting memories with a small group.
  • Give the guest of honor the chance to do something they've always wanted to do. Book a hot-air-balloon ride or skydiving excursion, either by themselves or for the group. Other ideas include scuba diving, racecar driving, rappelling or rock climbing and sailing. Choosing to celebrate with an event that embraces life allows the guest of honor to confirm that there are many things still to see and explore.
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A 40th birthday really should be a celebration, despite the wariness that the big 4-0 can bring. Some say 40 is the new 30 and that it's not too old to have fun. Have a themed party to celebrate the life of the person who's 40 years old. Many themes for 40th birthday parties can be a big hit the special honoree and guests alike. Here are a few ideas.

When planning a 40th birthday party, it is important to consider what the birthday person would want, how to honor this moment and how to make this party something fun and memorable. In general, although you are celebrating a birthday, you want the moment to be timeless.

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