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When a friend's big milestone is around the corner, get creative with 40th birthday party ideas. Think about the guest of honor's likes and dislikes when planning the party, whether it's a themed event with friends, a sentimental journey with family or something totally new.
By Jennifer Maughan
It's important to choose 40th birthday gifts that celebrate the journey they've taken, not to remind them of unfulfilled dreams and goals.
By Jennifer Maughan
A night of music and fun is the goal of a karaoke music party. With the right mix of people ready to sing their hearts out and plenty of food and drinks to keep things loose and relaxed, a karaoke party can quickly become one of the year's best events. A karaoke party can also be perfectly paired with any other event, such as a birthday party, Christmas party or office party.
By Jennifer Maughan
By Connie Earl Robertson
If Jennifer Aniston can survive turning 40, so can you. Here are some thoughts on the subject that will cheer you up and make you think as the big birthday approaches.
By Caroline Roberts
Here are some examples of 50th birthday party games that are just right for the 50 year old, family and friends.
By Alice Langholt
You can find some truly great 40th birthday cake ideas and decorate an outstanding treat that people won't soon forget.
By Lisa Bower
Finding the 40th birthday gifts for men simply takes a little analysis on how he's approaching this birthday. Of the milestone birthdays that men reach, 40 may be the most pivotal. It means closing the book on some of the more youthful dreams and pursuits, while celebrating the positive results of several decades of hard work and long-lasting relationships. 
By Jennifer Maughan
Turning 30 is a significant milestone, and many people anticipate that their 30s will be their best decade yet. You have a range of 30th birthday party ideas, but, when planning a 30th birthday party, make sure that the guest of honor has the chance to reflect on how far they've come in life.
By Jennifer Maughan
Party games with a 40th birthday theme could be a way to bring the party to life and involve every guest in the celebration. Here are some examples of 40th birthday party games that the whole crowd would enjoy.
By Alice Langholt
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