Planning a 40th Birthday Party

When planning a 40th birthday party, it is important to consider what the birthday person would want, how to honor this moment and how to make this party something fun and memorable. In general, although you are celebrating a birthday, you want the moment to be timeless.

Be Playful: You do not need to hide the fact that a person is turning 40, so don't be afraid to include the number when developing the decorating theme. You could have napkins and other party supplies made with the age printed on them or incorporate the age into the birthday cake. Or, you could give the birthday party a fun theme like "Turning 20 All Over Again."

Size the Party to Fit: Consider whether or not to have the event be something big or something intimate. For a large group, you could have a surprise party. The fewer people you have, the more specialized the events can be. For example, you could go on a boating trip or rent out a room in a restaurant. Think about the birthday person's personality: Would they want something small or something big and loud?

Serve Retro Foods and Drinks: If the party is meant to walk through the four decades the person has been alive, you may want to reference pop culture or current events when it comes to the foods you choose. For example, a birthday gal who was a teenager in the 80s might love a cake with neon frosting or pudding pops. As far as drinks go, any guest who can find an old can of New Coke should be commended, although you might not want to drink it.

Make a Music Mix: Either hire a DJ or prepare a compilation to play on the stereo. Disco or 80s hits will be a standard. When the evening is over, you can give the guest of honor a copy of the party music. For an original gag gift, you can present the birthday gal with a framed album cover of her favorite teen idols.

By celebrating how she's lived instead of reminding her of her age, you can make the party even more fun than she expected.

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