Planning a 30th Birthday Party

Turning 30 is a significant milestone, and many people anticipate that their 30s will be their best decade yet. You have a range of 30th birthday party ideas, but, when planning a 30th birthday party, make sure that the guest of honor has the chance to reflect on how far they've come in life.

Date. Most important, make sure that the date is available. Turning 30 is a momentous occasion, and the birthday person may already have plans, so make sure that the date is clear and ready for you to throw a great party.

Decorations and Theme. Think about a party theme. You could choose to highlight the year the guest was born, with the decorations and costumes all from that particular year or decade. Track down old newspaper headlines and baby pictures of the guest of honor for display, and play all the top songs from that year as background music. Other 30th birthday themes could revolve around the hobbies and interests of the guest. Another idea for a theme is the number 30. Plan clever ways to have 30 of everything, such as 30 balloons creating an arch over the doorway, 30 cupcakes for dessert and 30 as the max score for games played. You might want to stick to 3 candles on the cake, though, unless you're feeling daring.

Food. Planning the menu is another important part of hosting a 30th birthday party. In order to make it easier, it is possible to have the guest's favorite restaurant cater the party. Or, you can get a list of the guest's favorite foods and have a variety of those prepared and served. Look into foods that are symbolic of long life, happiness and wealth, as noodles are in China, and incorporate them into the party.

Activities. Games, if done right, can be a great way to celebrate 30 years. With the right group, you can play adult versions of nostalgic games from childhood, such as musical chairs or 20 questions. You could even take turns hitting a piñata. However, it's perfectly okay to stick with music and some dancing for the party. The important thing is that everyone is relaxed and having a good time.

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