Themes for 40th Birthday Parties

A 40th birthday really should be a celebration, despite the wariness that the big 4-0 can bring. Some say 40 is the new 30 and that it's not too old to have fun. Have a themed party to celebrate the life of the person who's 40 years old. Many themes for 40th birthday parties can be a big hit the special honoree and guests alike. Here are a few ideas:

Things to Do Before You Die Party
Have the party in a large room, with different stations where people can do things they've always wanted to try. Have some interesting options: chair massage, Tarot reading, juggling, language lessons featuring key phrases in Mandarin, ballroom dancing, sushi rolling and more. When creating ideas for stations, think of people you know who could teach each activity, but also consider the interests of the honoree. Don't select something the birthday girl or guy hates to do.

Spa Party
Invite a small number of guests for an evening or brunch spa party. It can be at your home or at an actual spa. If you are holding the event at a home, have someone there to give facials, pedicures, massages; offer soothing teas, healthy snacks and relaxing music. Have guests bring a comfy bathrobe and slippers to wear; consider the party a relaxation vacation day.

Bowling Party
Not too many adults have a bowling party anymore, but it can really be fun to get out, bowl some frames, eat some junk food and have fun together. Have mini trophies and have people give speeches about the birthday person's great moments to honor him or her.

Beach Party in Winter/Winter Party in Summer
Have an opposite season party. In wintertime, invite people to wear summer clothes, turn up the heat a bit inside, and play summer music, serve summer drinks and barbecue fare, and if you're using a party hall, play some volleyball or badminton. Set up beach chairs, and have fun with it.

If it's summertime, you can't really do snow, but serve hot cocoa or spiked hot cider, chili, and have a snowman making contest using shaving cream instead of snow. The idea is to have some fun and be creative.

The 40 Year Old's Favorites Party
Throw a party where you serve the birthday girl or guy's favorite food, everyone wears the favorite color, and you feature the favorite activities of the birthday honoree. For example, the favorite movie could be shown, the favorite music played, a favorite game could be played, a hobby could be shared, etc. Just know the person and honor them by putting together a list of the person's favorites all at one party. 40th birthday presents could relate to the favorites theme, too.

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When planning a 40th birthday party, it is important to consider what the birthday person would want, how to honor this moment and how to make this party something fun and memorable. In general, although you are celebrating a birthday, you want the moment to be timeless.

You can start planning a party with these great 40th birthday ideas for women if someone you know is turning 40.

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