Tips For Decorating A 40th Birthday Cake

A person's 40th birthday is an important milestone and deserves special attention when it comes to the cake. By decorating a birthday cake at home, you can add personal touches and creative flair that a bakery professional may not provide.

Choosing The Appropriate Theme
A 40th birthday can represent a turning point in a person's life, which might be met with a range of emotions, from joy to trepidation. Since this is the birthday when many people consider themselves "middle aged," no wonder birthday organizers might want to go with the common "over the hill" theme. However, this might not be appropriate for someone who is experiencing true anxiety about her 40th birthday.

Traditional Cakes
A traditional birthday cake is one that is beautifully decorated and possibly sentimental. If you think the recipient would prefer a classic approach to the cake, that doesn't mean you can't be creative. Some inspired ideas for a traditional 40th birthday cake include:

Four tiers, each one representing a decade. This idea is for the more ambitious cake decorator, although newcomers can certainly accomplish this look. Kits are available at many craft stores that make it easy to build multi-tiered cakes.

Sentimental photo cake, complete with edible image. You have probably seen photo cakes available at bakeries, but you can also make these at home. Edible icing photos can be ordered easily online or even printed at home with special imaging systems.

Novelty Cakes
Novelty cakes are perfect for milestone birthdays, and anyone with a sense of humor will likely appreciate some levity when entering her 40s. You have many options when creating a fun 40th birthday cake, including:

Halloween cake kits. An easy way to accomplish an "over the hill" cake is by purchasing a Halloween cake kit. You can find cake pans that are shaped like tombstones, skulls and other ghoulish figures.

Two cakes, shaped like a "4" and a "0." Pull this off by baking normal rectangular cakes and then cutting them down on homemade cardboard stencils. Any minor mistakes can easily be touched up with frosting and decorations.

There are countless ways to creatively celebrate a 40th birthday, whether you are going for a serious or humorous tone. You don't have to settle for a store-bought cake and 40 lit candles. In fact, that would probably be a fire hazard!

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