Creative 18th Birthday Party Ideas

When thinking of 18th birthday party ideas to incorporate into your teen's celebratory day, it's best to ask advice from one of her close friends because a friend is more likely to spill the beans on what your teen wants.

When planning a birthday party for a soon-to-be graduate, 18th birthday party ideas should hinge on what she is interested in, not what you think might be fun. For instance, chances are, as a parent, you might not be interested in the ear-shattering sounds produced by a rock band, but that doesn't mean your 18th year old wouldn't be.

Birthday Party Activities
Birthday party activities should be age-appropriate. If your 18-year-old is planning to go off on her own, which is totally reasonable at this age, it's still your responsibility to be aware of the situation into which your child is venturing. For instance, if you allow your child to attend a concert alone with friends, instructions such as curfew times and close cell phone contact is still a given.

While your child may not want this attention-especially on her 18th birthday-it's important to keep the parent-child avenues of communication open anytime your child leaves home. Problems such as flat tires and too much peer pressure can happen more often when your child is away from home than when she is close to home. And, since most 18th year olds own a cell phone, you should always be able to reach them. If there is no cell phone reception at the location of the birthday party, you should know that in advance as well and have a plan in place in case of emergency.

Concert Birthday Parties
Concert tickets for an 18th year old would be priceless, especially if the birthday invitation to her closest friends includes a ticket for each of them. If you can't afford to purchase all of the tickets, offer to pay for half their tickets or at least offer to pay for any incidentals, such as gas money and dinner afterward. Otherwise, it might not feel like a real party. Sometimes just sending out birthday invitations and offering to pay for dinner is enough.

Beach Party
Another great idea for an 18th year old birthday party is a beach party. What teen doesn't love the beach? If your child wants to have a party with just her friends, that should be perfectly fine. After all, your child has just turned 18. Provide one or two coolers filled with pop, and plenty of snacks, such as hotdogs and the ingredients for S'mores. Set up a bonfire on a private beach or on the public beach in an area where open fires are allowed. If the beach is a clamming area, have the kids dig clams for their dinner.

No matter which plan you choose, give your teen the privacy she requires, but enforce a curfew. You enjoy cake and ice cream with the whole family on another day.

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