Unique Adult Birthday Party Ideas

When looking for adult birthday party ideas, consider parties that both the birthday boy and the guests will remember for a long time, such as a destination party or a tasting party with a professional chef.

Destination Birthdays
Birthday party planning ideas that include travel with the right crowd can be loads of fun. Ideally, when the party will take place on a cruise or involves trip to the Big Apple, party guests pay their own way. This type of trip is best done with only a handful of couples or about 4 to 6 good friends. Rather than spending money on big birthday gifts, everyone is required to pay their own way and have a good time. If guests insist on bringing birthday presents, suggest that they simply pitch in for the guest of honor's travel expenses.

Call ahead to make sure you can rent adjoining rooms and that room service will be able to provide a birthday cake. If the hotel doesn't provide this service, purchase a cake at the local grocery store. Have each guest bring along a different decoration so that you end up with all of the necessities, including plates and napkins.

Tasting Parties
If you want to host your own birthday party or if you have a foodie in your life, consider hiring a professional chef. Each member of the birthday party can create his own meal, with the chef's guidance, of course. After the meal, celebrate with cake and ice cream. Or, play a few games such as mix and match. Have each of four to eight guests make a different dish, and then everyone taste-tests each dish to see which one you liked the best. This type of party offers plenty of visiting and all kinds of great food.

When hosting this type of birthday party, you can hold the gathering in your home, or you can check out the yellow pages for a chef who specializes in teaching classes in his own studio. The key is to have fun and to learn something new, so make sure the recipe or recipes that are taught are foods everyone will enjoy.

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When thinking of adult birthday ideas, you want to do something a little more interesting than investing in a keg or hosting a dinner party. Adult birthday parties needn't involve alcohol, but they do need to be fun.

Adult party themes don't have to be elaborate to be appreciated. All you need is a great idea for a costume party, and most of your planning is complete.

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