Fun Adult Party Themes

Adult party themes don't have to be elaborate to be appreciated. All you need is a great idea for a costume party, and most of your planning is complete.

Retro Party
A variety of birthday themes come to mind that have to do with growing older or signifying something that would date the guest of honor, such as a retro party, complete with greased-down hair, 45 records and poodle skirts.

Retro parties are the best theme because, to some extent, we all enjoy dressing up in the same type of clothing we wore when we were teens. To create a fantastic retro party, you'll want all of the clothes and accessories you can find that make you remember how you dressed when you were a teenager. For example, if you were a teen in the -50s or early -60s, that will include big hairstyles for the women and slicked-back hairstyles for the men, leather jackets, red lipstick and old cars. If any of your guests own old cars, have them park their cars in the front for immediate atmosphere.

Wear pedal pushers, now called Capri pants, and button-down blouses, tied beneath the ribcage. Serve ambrosia-type desserts with casseroles front and center. Potato chips and ice cream floats were all the rage back then. Don't forget to have a few bowls of salted peanuts around so that those who enjoy peanuts in their Coca-Cola (yes, it happened) can step back in time.

Decorations needn't be extravagant or expensive. If you're holding the party in the house, just cover the furniture with old printed sheets and place a few candles on the end tables. Tape up a few photos of some of the old favorite movie stars from the time, such as Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant and Rock Hudson. If you're using the garage, use the same printed sheets as table cloths, and make a dance floor out of throw rugs. Posters with Elvis or the Rat Pack will complete the musical scene from that timeframe.

Trekkie Party
If your guest of honor was/is a Star Trek fan, travel to a strange new world, and throw a Trekkie party! Warn everyone that there is a dress code-either dress like a member of Star Fleet or any one of the aliens who appeared on the show. If the birthday party is a surprise birthday party, it's important that you have a costume on hand for the guest of honor. The major alien species would include Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons and, of course, Talosians. Hold a contest to see which guest looks the most authentic.

Birthday decorations can be anything from mild to wild. Watch a few old Star Trek flicks to get a feel for other planets, or just go for the obvious and attempt to create the deck of the Star Ship Enterprise. Provide a few outlandish dishes such as plomeek soup, which Nurse Christine served Spock when he was going through his pon farr, or mating ritual. And don't forget drinks, such as Romulan ale. Romulan ale is pale blue and, according to crew members of the USS Enterprise, has quite a kick to it. You might want to serve blue liquor in its place.

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