1st Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some first birthday party ideas and activities for the kids. Planning the kid's birthday party really means planning for entertaining the guests, at a time of day when your baby will be a happy birthday kid, too.

Plan for the guests
Pick some kid-friendly activities to keep the kids busy. It would be great to have someone play some party games with the kids so the adults can talk and admire the birthday baby. Traditional party games, such as Hot Potato, Pin the Tail on the Donkey (or Flower on the Butterfly, or Baseball on the Batter), Ring Around the Rosie and a little craft project is also good. Plan with the ages of the guests in mind. Home movies can be fun, as long as people have the option of watching them or not. Give every kid something to take home - a little favor, gift or the craft project they made. Consider taking pictures of the guests with the baby and making a collage afterward; you can use it as part of the thank-you notes you'll send later.

Have the party at the baby's best time
Plan the party after the baby's naptime, to have a happy birthday baby. A short party is best for all concerned - baby, tired parents and also young guests.

Decorating ideas
Don't get crazy, but the best decorations are the colorful kind - balloons (helium so they're out of reach), streamers and flowers. Also, consider stringing a clothesline and pinning up pictures and baby memorabilia. This is easy to do, doesn't take long and looks adorable. These are all great qualities for parents who are busy and also want to make the party look great.

Pick party foods that match the guests in terms of age and preferences. You can make kid-friendly food for the kids, such as macaroni and cheese or spaghetti and meatballs, and something separate for adults; another option is to prepare plenty of food partygoers of all ages can enjoy. The dessert is usually birthday cake. Something new to try is a cupcake cake. This is a group of cupcakes frosted together to look like a cake, but no cutting is required. The baby can easily have his own special treat and all you need are plates and napkins. They can also be decorated just like a regular cake. Don't give that baby a bite of cake until you have your camera ready and help the baby blow out the birthday candle. Punch, juice and lemonade are all good choices for the kids. Adult beverages can include other choices if desired.

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A first birthday is a celebration looked forward to by parents everywhere. Turning one is a major milestone in a child's life and one that is fun to celebrate with friends and family. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for first birthday party ideas. 

Baby's first birthday is definitely a big event, especially for their parents. In this first year, a child has not only grown to see their first year, but they have also reached a number of milestones, like laughing for the first time and walking. It's normal for a child's parents to want to throw a big celebration in honor of one of their child's major milestones.

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Baby's first birthday party is really a party for you; the baby is a special guest. Plus, the baby isn't going to remember the party afterward. So although the party is celebrating the baby's milestone birthday, do the planning around the guests and showing off all of the memories that you have already built with your little one.

First birthdays are memorable milestones so you'll want first birthday cakes that meet your needs, whether that's capturing your little one with messy hands and face or something that photographs well.

When marking one of the first milestones in a child's life, consider fun first birthday ideas that create a relaxed atmosphere. The keys are to think about the baby, the guests and the memories you want to create.

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