Great 1st Birthday Party Themes

Creative 1st birthday party themes can make a party something special. Though a baby may not remember it, other children, family members, neighbors and friends are sure to enjoy the party. And, of course, what parents don't want to show their child photos from this event once they're older? The key to choosing a great theme for a baby's 1st birthday is to make it fun and easy. Once you have a theme in place, you will have little trouble choosing the food and decorations.

Circus Theme: With this theme, you can incorporate a child's favorite toys and use bright and happy colors. Who doesn't want to see a lion-themed cake or to eat popcorn and other delicious treats?

Pool Party: If your child was born in the summer, you can invest in kiddie pools and floating toys. Make fun cookies in the shapes of beach balls and animals. Try serving popsicles and giving out grass skirts and sunglasses to complete the atmosphere. However, with a pool party, you need to be vigilant. Make sure the kids follow basic rules of water safety, and have an adult on hand at all times.

Train Party: Few children can resist trains. You can dress the birthday baby up in a train conductor's outfit, make a cake in the shape of a train and set up train tracks. As part of the festivities, you can read classic children's train stories like "The Little Engine That Could."

Teddy Bear Party: Babies love stuffed animals, and the theme can be incorporated in a lot of fun ways. For example, instead of 1st birthday party hats, guests can wear bear ears, and children can bring along their stuffed animals so their animals can have a huge tea party.

No matter which theme you choose, be sure your invitations help guests know what to bring and how to dress. If everyone is participating in the theme, you will have better photos for your child to look back on when she's all grown up.

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A first birthday is a celebration looked forward to by parents everywhere. Turning one is a major milestone in a child's life and one that is fun to celebrate with friends and family. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for first birthday party ideas. 

Baby's first birthday is definitely a big event, especially for their parents. In this first year, a child has not only grown to see their first year, but they have also reached a number of milestones, like laughing for the first time and walking. It's normal for a child's parents to want to throw a big celebration in honor of one of their child's major milestones.

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Baby's first birthday party is really a party for you; the baby is a special guest. Plus, the baby isn't going to remember the party afterward. So although the party is celebrating the baby's milestone birthday, do the planning around the guests and showing off all of the memories that you have already built with your little one.

Here are some first birthday party ideas for birthday party activities with kids. Planning the kid's birthday party really means planning for entertaining the guests, at a time of day when your baby will be a happy birthday kid, too.

First birthdays are memorable milestones so you'll want first birthday cakes that meet your needs, whether that's capturing your little one with messy hands and face or something that photographs well.

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