How to Celebrate Your Baby's First Birthday

Baby's first birthday is definitely a big event, especially for their parents. In this first year, a child has not only grown to see their first year, but they have also reached a number of milestones, like laughing for the first time and walking. It's normal for a child's parents to want to throw a big celebration in honor of one of their child's major milestones.

Remember that your child will probably not remember this first birthday. Consequently, you won't have to break the bank putting on this party or spending money on birthday party decorations. After all, when it comes down to it, the first birthday party is really more for the parents (and the photo album) than it is for the child.

You may invite children or you may choose not to: It's normal for the first birthday party to have more adults than children. After all, your child probably hasn't made friends yet. Invite people who will care about this birthday: close friends, family members and perhaps some neighbors and people who have helped to take care of your child.

When scheduling the birthday, think about when your child naps and eats. Since the baby's schedule may fluctuate, keep the party relatively short. An hour and a half is generally a good amount of time. The baby might feel overstimulated by all of the guests and decorations.

Since this party is about enjoying your child's development, make sure to think about how you want to document this event. Think about who will be in charge of taking photographs and if you want to record this party with a camcorder. Try thinking about some creative ways to document this birthday. Ask guests to sign a card or write a letter for your child to read when they are older.

When it comes to food and decorations, know that less is more. Your child won't remember this event, so, really, the decorations don't have to be incredibly over-the-top. Having a theme may help you organize the party and help guests dress appropriately (and bring appropriate gifts), but you should know that your one-year-old may not have the attention span for anything other than ripping off wrapping paper and drooling. Keep decorations fun but also safe, especially with balloons, as they can be dangerous for babies.

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A first birthday is a celebration looked forward to by parents everywhere. Turning one is a major milestone in a child's life and one that is fun to celebrate with friends and family. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for first birthday party ideas. 

Baby's first birthday party is really a party for you; the baby is a special guest. Plus, the baby isn't going to remember the party afterward. So although the party is celebrating the baby's milestone birthday, do the planning around the guests and showing off all of the memories that you have already built with your little one.

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Here are some first birthday party ideas for birthday party activities with kids. Planning the kid's birthday party really means planning for entertaining the guests, at a time of day when your baby will be a happy birthday kid, too.

First birthdays are memorable milestones so you'll want first birthday cakes that meet your needs, whether that's capturing your little one with messy hands and face or something that photographs well.

When marking one of the first milestones in a child's life, consider fun first birthday ideas that create a relaxed atmosphere. The keys are to think about the baby, the guests and the memories you want to create.

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