How to Throw a Archaeological Dig Party

If you want to plan a birthday party that's a bit different than the rest, an archeological dig party could be just the thing. Read on for several simple and inexpensive party ideas to get you started.

Arm your little archeologist friends with the tools they'll need for the coming party by turning bucket and shovel sets into eye-catching invitations. To complete this project, just use a permanent marker to write the party information (location, date, time, etc.) on one side of the shovels, and then secure them to the buckets.

Be sure to include a note telling guests that they'll need to bring their buckets to the party.

Backyard dig
Give your party guests a chance to test their archeological skills by turning your backyard into a dig site. All you'll need for this project is a bag of playground sand, a plastic tarp and some objects for your guests to dig up. Once all of your supplies are gathered, just lay the tarp out on the ground, pour the sand on top and hide the objects in the sand. Then set your guests to the task of uncovering the buried artifacts.

To give the dig an authentic feel, purchase a dinosaur model kit from your local craft store and hide all of the "bones" in the sand. After your partygoers uncover all of the pieces, they can assemble the model to discover what kind of dinosaur they have unearthed.

Fun and games
If you're looking for a party activity that's as fun as it is educational, give fossil making a try. Just purchase a bag of plaster from your local craft or hardware store, and mix up a large batch according to the instructions on the package. Then give each child a plastic cup filled with an inch of plaster and have him or her press an object into the plaster (rock, stick, leaf, etc.) Once the plaster is dry, remove the object to reveal the resulting fossil.

What kind of cake does an archeologist like? One that holds a surprise, of course. To please your little archeologists, start by whipping up an ordinary batch of cupcakes. Cut a slit in the top of each one and stuff a gummy worm inside. Finish by icing the cupcakes as usual, and your guests won't suspect a thing.

Party favors
Reward all of your archeologists' hard work with a few fun, take-home treats. Dinosaur-themed stickers, fruit snacks, figurines and rock candy are all perfect choices; just stick a few of these items into each of your guests' buckets, and everyone is sure to go home happy.

Put these ideas to work, and you're guaranteed to end up with a party that your child really digs.

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