Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas

It can be easy and fun to plan a ballerina birthday party for your little ballerina and her girlfriends. Here are some ideas to get you started, from invitations to activities.

An extra special invitation can feature a picture of the birthday girl, dressed in her ballet finest, on the front. The heading of the invitation should be on the front. Examples of headings include "Twirl on over to Lisa's Ballet Birthday Party!" or "Come dance and celebrate Lisa's Ballet Birthday!"

Inside, a cute poem with the details could follow, and don't forget to tell the guests to come in ballet attire, if they have it. An example of a cute inside poem: "Come dance and twirl with the birthday girl! It'll be tutu much fun!" Don't forget RSVP information.

Pink is definitely the color of choice for a ballet party, but other pastel colors are equally appropriate. Lots of balloons are great, whether helium or blown up, taped to walls, doorways or strewn around the room. Streamers across the ceiling give a festive touch, and it helps to twist them before hanging. Posters of ballerinas, or even pictures of popular children's book character Angelina Ballerina are good for decorating. Your daughter might like to help with coloring a few ballet pictures to hang.

Of course, a ballet cake is perfect, But beyond that, dainty snacks are great to have and widely available:

  • Guest-decorated cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles
  • Fruit, cut up and served with toothpicks
  • Personal pizzas with bagel halves, tomato sauce, cheese, and a choice of toppings. Bake for 10 minutes on 375 degrees and you can serve an easy lunch.


Drinks should be pink too! Pink lemonade is a favorite, or if you desire, try some sparkling juice with a scoop of sherbet. Sparkling juice can be made with condensed frozen juice and sparkling water, creating a healthy alternative to soda.

As guests arrive, have a craft of some kind to do. This can be coloring pictures, creating jewelry boxes, creating pretty hairstyles from pretty clips. Have mirrors around for the girls to check themselves out and plan to have some dress up accessories available for those who need some. Tutus, hair bands, bracelets and necklaces are all perfect.

If you know a dance teacher, see if she will come and lead a little dance class, with nice music and a few dance moves. Let the kids prepare a show for the parents at pick-up time! If you have a digital video camera, you could videotape the girls practicing and make DVDs as party favors with music in the background.

Games could include musical chairs, pin the tutu on the ballerina, follow the ballerina (leader), or even hot potato with a ballet slipper. Have some cute prizes on hand, such as stickers, lip gloss, and plastic rings.

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