Colorful Butterfly Birthday Party

A butterfly birthday party is a perfect idea for a little girl. You can create a magical birthday party with a fun butterfly theme that she will never forget with these fun creative ideas.

Preparing for the Party
Begin by stocking up on all the necessary birthday party supplies - plates, napkins, balloons - all with a butterfly theme. Check your local dollar store for these supplies at a fraction of the cost of other places. Then get your invitations ready. Cut out butterfly-shaped cards the size of a post card, and let your child decorate them with stickers. Tape the actual party invitation to the back on one side, and then mail it off.

Butterfly Decorations
Draw and cut out large butterflies from poster board. Color and decorate the butterflies and hang them from the ceiling. Make large flowers to tape to the walls. Decorate the tables and walls with pastel-colored crepe paper and balloons. For a table centerpiece, fill a large vase with colorful flowers, and add tiny butterflies to the flowers. Butterfly magnets make great place holders the kids can take home.

Butterfly Fun
A fun activity for your butterfly birthday party would be to make coffee filter butterflies. You need a clothespin, coffee filters and markers. Have the kids color sections of the coffee filters. Spritz them with water, and the colors will run together. Let them dry, and then pinch the middle of the flat coffee filter and push it up into the clothespin so that two wings seem to puff out. Add wiggly eyes and chenille stem antennae.

You could also cut out wings that are large enough for the party guests in advance. Use paper bags, and cut wings from the large sides of the bags. Tape them together, and punch holes near where the wings meet so you can tie the wings on the children. Then, the guests can paint designs on the wings, and you can attach the wings to the children's backs so they can fly around.

Make a Butterfly Cake
Bake a round cake according to the directions on the cake mix box. Cut the cake in half. Turn the two halves around on the cookie sheet so that the round sides touch in the middle and the wider, flat edges are pointing out. You can leave it like this, or trim the rounded edges for a more triangular look. Ice the cake in pastel colors, pipe an icing body down the middle, add licorice antennae and you have a beautiful butterfly cake. Pastel-colored ice cream completes the party.

More Butterfly Goodies
Send the kids home with goody bags decorated with butterflies. Include items in the bag such as butterfly-shaped toys, butterfly and flower stickers or a small book on butterflies. Wrap up your party by having your child send out butterfly-themed thank-you notes.

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