Spooky Halloween Birthday Party for Kids

Kids who have birthdays around Halloween time might enjoy a spooky Halloween birthday party. What better way to increase the fun of Halloween by having a birthday party? For that matter, what better way to increase your birthday fun than by having a Halloween party? It's a winning situation any way you look at it. If you'd like to plan a spooky Halloween birthday party for kids, here are some ideas.

First, you want to incorporate Halloween themes together with birthday themes. In your invitations and décor, be sure to include both. Merging the two should be fun. Be creative: make the design of the invitations have balloons decorated with Jack O'Lantern faces. At the real party, get orange helium balloons that say "Happy Birthday" and draw pumpkin faces on them. Put ghost decorations in birthday party hats, on the invitations and around the place of the party. "Gravestones" made from Styrofoam can include birthday greetings as well.

For the food, you have to have a spooky birthday cake, but that can be done however you want. You could get the cake professionally decorated with spider web designs. Or, make it yourself and cover it in candy corn with a big black licorice spider on top. You can serve basic party food such as pizza and wings, but put them on plates and bowls with the Halloween and birthday themes. Veggies could be made to keep with the theme by spreading celery with cream cheese and adding two green olives with pimentos for eyes. Try other spreads and dips with olives or cherry tomatoes in them. Grapes frozen inside ice cubes and floating in the punch can also give a creepy look. Get dry ice if you want to make the punch steam; for a spooky effect minus the dry ice, put punch into a cauldron. Add green food coloring to white melting chocolate, melt it and drizzle it over popcorn for a great snack to serve, too.

Of course you want the guests to dress in costume. Be sure to give each guest a party hat to wear; what could look more comical than a pirate in a birthday hat? Have a costume contest and award prizes.

Kids' birthday party activities can be given a spooky theme. Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, how about Pin the Spider in the Web? Too tame? Try Pin the Eyeball on the Mummy instead. Have a Make a Mummy race with teams racing to dress up a kid as a mummy with toilet paper. Do relay races carrying a pumpkin, or holding a balloon "head" on a plate.

You can have teams create the weirdest monster using bits of different team members' costumes together on one person. There are many ways to have fun while celebrating Halloween and a birthday celebration together.

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