Fun Safari Theme Party Ideas

Safari theme party ideas for kids birthdays are virtually unlimited. A safari, or jungle, theme is one kids love and is easily adaptable for groups of different ages. A simple safari stuffed animal hunt would be great for preschoolers, while a more detailed safari birthday party complete with a scavenger hunt is perfect for the 6- to 10-year-old age group. Here are some ideas that will make your planning easier:

Set the Scene
First off, choose your destination. It could be Africa or Australia, but wherever it is you will want to include this information in the invitation. When preparing the invitations, make them in the shape of a safari Jeep or an animal. Include all the details and costume recommendations if you would like the guests to wear animal prints, and pop them in the mail.

Going on a Safari
Now comes the fun part: decorating. Animal print and camouflage fabric are musts for safari decorating. Cut fun animal shapes out of the animal print, and hang them on the wall. Use the camouflage fabric for tablecloths or napkins. No safari is complete without stuffed animals, and you will want lots of them, of all sizes, to decorate the area. Set them in corners, hang them on the walls and make a centerpiece out of a few brightly colored ones, like parrots. Green tulle run down the middle, woven around the animals, looks great. Hang a map of the country they are visiting.

It's Party Time
On any safari, people go looking for animals, and your safari party should be no different. Have the kids arrive in full safari guide costume, or hand out hats, cameras, water bottles and other necessary supplies as they arrive. One of the first activities could be to decorate small canvas bags to hold the guests' supplies. Then give them the instructions for a scavenger hunt that sends them looking for things you have hidden in the house. If your party is outside and it is warm enough, they could actually look for animals in nature such as squirrels, bugs and leaves. Just set a clear boundary for their travels, and ask parents to volunteer to keep an eye on the little explorers.

Safari Food and Drink
After all that animal hunting, your safari members will be hungry. Now is the time to bring on the food: Set out plates of monkey food (bananas cut in half), jungle juice (green punch), gorilla grub (fruit kabobs or carrots and dip) and safari guide favorite (hamburgers). Add a colorful cake decorated with tiny animals, and you are all set. Send the kids home with treat bags that have theme-related candy, plastic animals, animal-print school supplies and magnifying glasses.

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