Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

Spiderman birthday party ideas should include plenty of spiders. You'd be surprised at how a few plastic spiders can liven up a children's party. Along with spiders, Spiderman birthday parties should have some spider webbing. The kind you use at Halloween works well. Use the spider webbing sparingly, just enough to get the idea across. After all, Spiderman does use webbing to get from one area to the next. Hang a bit from the middle of the doorways and from the chandeliers.

Tips for a Spiderman Birthday Party

  • As an activity, use face paint. You'll want to create a Spiderman face or at least a web on each face. For children who do not wish to have their entire face painted, just add a web or a small spider. You can also create some of Spiderman's famous foes, including Venom, The Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. You can find images from the comics online to use as a guide.
  • As an alternative to paint, get red pullover winter hats that will cover both the face and neck of each child. Hand out black permanent markers and help the children create their own Spiderman masks. Have an adult cut out eye holes in each mask.
  • Make a sheet cake. Cover the cake with white frosting and then use a tiny frosting tip and pastry bag to create a bull's eye type design on the cake, with a spider occupying the center of the cake. When the circles have been drawn, use a butter knife and draw diagonal lines from the spider to the edge of the pan until you have created what appears to be a spider web. Make individual spider cakes and keep the birthday cake as the centerpiece.
  • To make individual spider cakes, bake regular sized cupcakes and also tart-sized cupcakes. The tart size cupcakes will be the head of the spider, and the regular cupcakes will be the body of the spider. Use black licorice whips to create eight legs, making sure the two middle legs on each side are slightly shorter. If you don't have black licorice, use melted chocolate. Peel the paper from the cupcakes and then dunk them into melted chocolate. Place the cupcakes on a rack to harden. When the chocolate has hardened, set the cupcakes on plates. Use a small leaf-petal frosting tip to add bits of chocolate frosting to the body of the spider to make it look slightly hairy. Use chocolate frosting to keep six or eight red candies in place as the spider's eyes. Add the legs and serve.
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