Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Check out some of the best boy birthday ideas and party planning tips to celebrate the pint-sized birthday boy in your life.

I'll start with the basics - you know, the things that you would need to have at any party for precious little ones. Think paper: strong quality paper plates, cups, place mats, disposable table covers (to spare your beautiful dining room table) and table skirts. The reason I say paper instead of plastic is because plastic generally takes over 500 years to biodegrade. Yes, we live in an age where not recycling is most definitely socially irresponsible! Use a strong quality paper plate and cup to avoid leakage and if your food requires cutlery, try to buy recyclable utensils specifically meant for the small hands of children. The last, but most important basic is a first aid kit. As undeniably cute as kids are, once they start playing it very well could end up resembling a herd of wild stampeding animals. Therefore, it's essential to be prepared for any minor scrapes or major cuts.

Next comes the really fun part - decorating and themes! There are TONS of different ways to make little kids' eyes pop with excitement. You want lots of colorful balloons, streamers, confetti and crepe paper to decorate your room and tables. You can even safely invest in removable and re-usable wall decorations in different themes such as Curious George, Disney's Cars, Dinosaurs and many more! Go the extra mile and use an inflatable 4-feet-tall Spiderman or blow-up birthday cake! Some of the most popular themes for young boys are Spiderman, Superman, Power Rangers, Pirates, Thomas the train, Bob the Builder, Diego and most sports-related themes like baseball, basketball and football.

A good way to make the party even more special is to personalize your decorating items. You can order balloons, banners and murals to be printed with your son's name and picture, and they will also serve as great mementos. You can even do the same with stickers, bag tags and buttons. Even more popular, but also even more costly, are large photo stand-ups of your own child! These stand-ups normally run anywhere from $35 to $165 according to height and material (cardboard or foam).

Table favors or bags of favors are pretty much expected at a kid's birthday party. They are normally distributed at the end of the party as a take-home gift for your son's guests. These favors don't have to be costly; sometimes they consist of an assortment of different candies or items related to the theme of the party. You can even save yourself time and energy by calling ahead at a local party store or ordering online for an already made-up favor box. Ready-made favor boxes include candies and little gifts such as bounce balls, light-up rings, pencils, fake tattoos and stickers. I like the kits that stick to a certain theme. For example, a pirates favor kit would come in a little pirate "box" and might include a toy telescope, mini treasure chest with coins, glowing skull ring and eye patch - very cool!

Just in case, you should also have on hand a few CDs of popular children's music. Major retailers like Sam Goody, Tower Records and Amazon have lists of top sellers in the children's music category. The Barnes and Noble website actually allows you to search for music by your child's age range. If you're computer savvy, or know someone who is, you might find that you prefer to download your own songs from a legal software program such as iTunes. No, I won't leave you guessing: the top two best selling CDs for kids are "Here Come the 123's" by They Might Be Giants and "Snacktime!" by Barenaked Ladies. The new Alvin and the Chipmunks original soundtrack is very popular as well.

I've saved the most important part of your son's birthday party for last - the games. If you don't have some kind of entertainment plan ready, your house will be in shambles before you know it. Try flipping through books at book stores for game ideas. This website allows you to build a custom game list according to many factors including the type of game you want (active versus passive), the amount of space you have available, the amount of time needed to prep for the game and the age range of the child. It's especially important to keep the age of your child in mind, as you don't want to spend more time explaining how to play the game, than actually playing it!

Stress Free Tip - Your son's birthday party doesn't need to last all day - the average duration is two-three hours. Avoid sugar lows by keeping traditional kid friendly snacks like chips, popcorn, chicken nuggets and cheese sticks in good supply. Food is also a good way to fill awkward silent moments among newly acquainted parents!

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