How to Make Balloon Art Decorations

Balloon art is simple to make and, with a little practice, you'll be able to display a menagerie of animals, a bouquet of flowers or an elegant collection of balloons the next time you are decorating for a birthday party.

The most familiar kind of balloon art is balloon modeling. In this process, different types of balloons are twisted into shapes like dogs, flowers and giraffes. Clowns often make these balloon shapes for children. Although it takes some skill to create this type of balloon art, you can make your own decorations if you have the right supplies.

What You Need for Balloon Art
First, you'll need the right type of balloons. There are "geo"s which can be used to make flowers. They look a bit like donuts. Six-inch round balloons can be used to make hats, faces and other round shapes. There are also 3-inch by 21-inch balloons that are hot-dog shaped. One-inch by 60-inch balloons are also used occasionally for dog leashes and other narrow shapes that you need in balloon creations.

Unless you want to tire yourself out blowing up balloons, you'll also need a balloon pump, which can be purchased at any party supply store, magic store or novelty shop.

Get Inspired
Next, you'll need to decide what type of balloon creations you want to display at your party. You can create hats, flowers, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, purses, bees, rabbits, giraffes and more. Look for designs that require only one balloon to start with. Once you've gotten some practice down with one balloon design, start using the more advanced techniques that use multiple balloons. Also keep your skill level in mind. Don't try to make balloon dinosaurs if you can't handle it; otherwise, you'll end up with many popped balloons.

Give yourself plenty of time to practice before your event. The balloons should last in good condition for 24 to 48 hours. You can make your balloon art ahead of time and then decorate the day of your party. Look for free instructional videos online so that you can see the basic techniques in action. Before you know it, you'll be a pro at designing with balloons.

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