How to Make Balloon Centerpieces

Consider learning how to make balloon centerpieces if you're looking for an inexpensive, yet festive way to decorate for your wedding or other special event. These fun centerpieces bring whimsy and delight to any table. Best of all, you can make them yourself with a little time, patience and practice.

Basic Supplies: Balloon centerpieces can be as simple or as dramatic and you'd like them to be. Centerpieces can be short and small, or they can be tall and imposing. At the very least, you'll need standard-sized balloons in your party colors, ribbon, a balloon pump and a balloon weight. More complicated designs will require Styrofoam for the base, tubes and a glue gun.

Balloon Molds: Another important tool for creating balloon centerpieces is a balloon mold. Your centerpiece will look odd if all of your balloons are different sizes. You can keep them the same size by cutting a hole in a thin piece of cardboard. Make your hole at least six inches in diameter. When you are blowing up the balloons, hold them inside the hole in the cardboard to make sure they are the right size. Add more air or let some out so you can make sure that your balloons are all the same size.

Balloon Weights: You can use a variety of different objects for your balloon weights. You can make simple weights by adding sand or gravel to un-inflated balloons and attaching the balloon ribbons to the weight. If you want something that looks a little bit fancier, you can attach a cluster of balloons around a piece of Styrofoam to form a weighted base for your balloon column. You can also tie the ribbons to something that fits the theme of your event, like a fishbowl for an ocean-themed party or a stuffed animal for a children's party. Just make sure that your creative centerpiece base will hold down the other balloons in your arrangement.

The Game Plan: Once you've found the type of balloon centerpiece that you want or have developed a modification of a basic design, you need to practice. Don't wait until the night before your event to start creating your centerpieces. Try making one, and then figure out how long it will take you to finish one complete design. Give yourself plenty of time to make your creations, and keep in mind that designs will last in good condition for up to 48 hours. That way, they'll be ready to display when you need them, and you don't have to worry that they'll deflate during your party.

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