Baseball Birthday Party Game Ideas

When you're hosting a baseball birthday party, you will want to be sure and include several fun baseball birthday party game ideas that the kids will enjoy. What kid wouldn't love stepping to the plate and imagining they can hit a home run? The key to a successful party is to keep the kids active and moving, and these games allow you to do just that.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Obviously, if the kids are a bit older, you'll want to schedule an actual baseball game, but you'll need to plan if you want to avoid knocking a hole in a neighbor's window. If your yard is not big enough to do this, consider contacting your local park, and ask about renting an area or using a baseball field to hold a game. If the kids are younger, or if the above is impossible, then at least try to have an area set up in the yard where they can play with a wiffle ball and bat.

Wiffle Ball Relay
For this game, divide the kids into two or three teams. Have the kids place a wiffle ball on a large spoon. The goal is to get to the end of the line and back again without losing the ball. If your ball falls off, you have to go back to the beginning. Then the next person in line goes until one team is done. As with most relay games, the team that finishes first wins.

Baseball Toss
Use your imagination, plus some cardboard and paint, to create targets for the kids to knock down. Use a softball, and allow them a certain number chances to knock down the target. Offer small prizes to the winners. Another option would be to have cardboard target set up with different-sized holes. The goal would be to get the ball into the target within a certain number of tries; for example, each child would get to try three times.

Batter Up!
For this game an adult, or older child, pitches the ball to the child. He then tries to hit the ball each time. Have a preset number of times the player can try to hit the ball before the next person's turn. Award prizes for winners who hit the ball each time, for the one who hit the ball farthest and even for the one player who may not hit it at all. That way, everyone feels like a winner at the party.

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