Fun Kid Balloon Games

For birthday parties, class parties or just a backyard activity, balloon games can keep kids entertained and active. The best part about balloon games for kids is that they can usually be adapted to fit any sized group and most games can be played with both young and older children.

Make it a sport
Use balloons to play fun versions of your favorite sports, such as volleyball, basketball, baseball and soccer. For volleyball, simply rig up a string as the net and have children bounce the ball back and forth. For larger groups of kids, add more balloons. Soccer with balloons works much the same way as the real game, except kids must "crab-walk" around the field and kick the balloon into the goal. Use balloons as a basketball relay game, with teams of two trying to hold a balloon between their foreheads and making their way down to a clean trash can. Baseball can be recreated with balloons and empty wrapping paper rolls.

Get wet
Balloons are made to hold water, and water balloon games are a big hit for an outdoor summer party or backyard activity. Put a twist on the old water balloon toss game and have players try to catch the balloon with sand toys, sand buckets, milk carton "scoops" or even oven mitts. Come up with relays that require players to break a water balloon by sitting on it. When they can't stand it any longer, let them have an old-fashioned water balloon fight.

Any time, anywhere
When it's raining outside, balloon games can pass the time and give kids a reason to smile. Let them try to keep the balloon in the air without it touching the ground. Change it up by only letting them use certain body parts that rotate every minute (elbows, knees, head). Have balloon races with balloons that are blown up but not tied. Line up the children and on the signal, have them release their balloon and see which one goes the farthest. Play a balloon relay where children race to a distant chair with a balloon and cannot tag the next person on their team until they pop the balloon by sitting on it.

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