Homemade Birthday Card Ideas

Try these simple homemade birthday cards to show someone how important they are to you. When someone takes the time to make a birthday card for someone, it says they really care about that person. So this year, for all those special people in your life, why not give them a custom made birthday card - one made just by you - for them.

Shaped Birthday Cards
One of the easiest ways to begin making a homemade card that has personality is to begin with a shaped card. For example, you might make your father a card shaped like a football. For boys, a baseball- or basketball-shaped card would work along with a pirate's hat, cowboy hat or rocket ship. If a girl is the intended recipient, consider a card shaped like a crown or flower. Start creating by folding card stock or construction paper in half. Draw your design on the paper, making sure one edge of the drawing touches the fold. Do not cut through the fold.

Add a Sentiment
Next, move onto decorating your card. You can use your shaped card or start with a simple folded blank card. Write a special note on the inside. It can be a simple as "Wishing you a happy birthday" or a longer more expressive sentiment. Write your greeting on the front. Try making your letters fancy or using a printed saying. Don't forget to put "Created by (your name)" on the back.

Decorating Your Card
Here is where your individual creativity will come through. If you are the artistic type, you can design a beautiful card with your own drawings or paintings. For the many of us less talented, stickers, clipart and stencils are the way to go. Try adding a 3-D look to your card by adding glitter, ribbon, different colored paper or sequins to the front of the card.

The Finishing Touch
Next, decorate an envelope to match the card. You can make your own or use a pre-made one and simply embellish it with coordinating stickers or drawings. With a little practice, soon you will be making homemade birthday cards for all of your friends and family.

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