How to Make a Balloon Arch

Learn how to make a balloon arch when you want a decoration that provides significant impact to the event. You can make a balloon arch using a few basic materials and the arch can easily fit in with most décor for wedding receptions, dances and birthday parties.

First, determine the colors of the arch, as that will determine the kinds of balloons to buy. You'll also need to estimate how many balloons you'll need. Measure the size of the arch you want and factor in about six balloons per foot of arch, using 11-inch balloons. If you use 14-inch balloons, plan on four balloons per foot.

When it's time to go shopping, get a list of the things you'll need. For the balloon arch frame, purchase two aluminum rods for strength and a length of PVC pipe for the flexible arch. Use the aluminum rods for the sides and the PVC pipe to join them. Attach them to each other with electrical tape. Purchase the balloons you'll need based on your earlier estimates.

To construct the balloon arch, put the frame together and start blowing up balloons. You'll want the balloons to be as close to the same size as possible to create a uniform look. When you have two balloons done, tie them together, then tie them to another set of two balloons. This creates a cluster. The clusters attach to the frame by placing the cluster around the pipe and then looping one balloon around the pipe and working it back into the cluster. You can use a pattern of different colored balloons for this or stick to a single color.

Add balloon clusters to the frame until there is no frame showing. Start at one end of the arch and work your way across. When you finish, you should not see any of the aluminum rods or the PVC pipe.

To set up the balloon arch, secure the ends with something heavy, such as sandbags, bricks or water containers. These can be camouflaged with fabric, more balloons or decorative paper. If you wish to have added stability, wire the top of the arch to the ceiling.

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