Kids Carnival Party Ideas

Here are some kids carnival party ideas that are sure to make your carnival a big hit.

Plan Ahead
With an event like this you will want to plan ahead. Obviously you want to plan for a time when the weather is going to be good. Decide how many "booths" you are going to have. You may need to borrow extra tables for the booths. If you are planning on renting a popcorn or cotton candy making machine you will want to do this early. Arrange your time and place and get ready to send out invitations.

Setting the Scene
Turning your back yard into a carnival can seem overwhelming but remember, the basic party planning rule - keep it simple. Colored streamers strung along a fence, ropes tied between trees or posts with chips, popcorn or cotton candy bags clipped to them and colorful tarps will all lend a festive look to your carnival. Large appliance boxes, available from local stores, can be decorated and made into entry ways, small displays and pretend buildings. You will want lots of balloons at your carnival party. Tie them in bunches all around the yard. Consider having a clown as the main attraction.

Party Food
Your goal is to set the scene for a carnival so the food should be like what you would find at a fair. Hot dogs, popcorn, chips, ice cream, soda pop and even pizza slices. Decorate a food both and let kids come and go when they are ready to eat just like they were at a real carnival. You can purchase popcorn bags and hot dog papers at places that rent the machines or at your local restaurant supply store.

Fun and Games
The best part of any carnival is the tickets and games. You can purchase a roll of raffle type tickets from just about any retail store. Have plenty of these at each booth to give to the kids as the play the games. Let them redeem their tickets at the prize booth that you have set up with inexpensive little toys and treats. As the children play the games award them a set number of tickets.

Here are some fun game suggestions for a kid's carnival party:

  • Guess the Jelly Beans. You can use any type of candy for this. Fill a container with the jelly beans and allow children to write their name and amount on a slip of paper. Award a ticket for playing. After everyone has guessed award the closest guesser either extra tickets or the candy filled container.
  • Bean Bag Toss. Arrange bean bags to be tossed into containers or a piece of cardboard with an opening decorated to look like a clown's open mouth.
  • Tin Can Alley. Set up empty pop cans and see who can knock them down using foam balls.
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